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Module One

Introduction to the Letters 'F' for food and 'T' for target

  • Step one for training a send to stationary target

  • Bonus video of real  live unedited training session

  • How to solve 'F' and 'T' problems

  • Included is an hour of video coaching to ensure your success. You have 3 months to use this and can be used in several short sessions.

Module Two 

  • Adding to the letter 'T'- why 'Tt' and 'Tf'


  • Starting the letter 'W'

  • Next steps for stationary target behavior - adding in 'Fw' for wait for food

  • Shaping forward movement 'Dc'

  • Addressing balance issues from targeting

  • Cue transfer introduction

  • Using T to help them understand lead rope pressure

Module Three

  • The four variations of the letter 'F' (Fw,Fc,Fg,Fd), why, where and how to use them

  • Cues - how to do a cue transfer, when and how to add a cue and adding a cue to a movement

  • Change of direction food delivery - how and why we use it to build balance and body awareness

  • Bonus video - Change of side food delivery

Module Four

  • How to build a solid mat draw without the use of a hand target or moving with the horse

  • 9 instructional videos featuring how to start all the way up to adding distance and send to a mat

  • Different training plans for going to and staying on the mat

  • Where mat training can be used and why it is such a great thing to train early on

  • Where mat training can take you

  • Prerequisites are DFD (from the letter 'F') Having taken the first three modules is preferred for your success but if you know what DFD is you will likely be ok to take this module.

 photographs are provided by Sentient Equine and others


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Auf meinem weiteren Weg versuche ich nun anderen zu helfen, den Kipppunkt hin zum positiven, wissenschaftlich basierten Pferdetraining zu erreichen; die Wissenschaft ins Tun hinein und das Training aus dem tiefsten Mittelalter hinaus zu befördern.

Nachdem ich die Freude gesehen habe, die das Training mit positiver Verstärkung beiden Seiten des Pferd/Mensch Teams bringt, und das über die letzten 17 Jahre, gibt es einfach keinen mehr Weg zurück.




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